22 Currant LA (SWB)


Photo: Jump: Krister Lindh  Portrait: Laila Berglund

Owner: Carina Börjesson, Latorps Gård & Bygg AB
Breeder: Carina Börjesson, Latorps Gård & Bygg AB, Latorp 351, Vintrosa

The dam Jemone is a selection – and diploma mare and has shown up to Intermediate dressage. The grand dam Jerma is an Elite mare. The sire Durrant by Warrant is currently competing at S-level showjumping in the USA.

Sex Born Reg. Nr. Height Under saddle Subject to VAT
Gelding 2014 04-14-2198 162cm Yes Yes

Durrant 1271

Warrant 95326

Numero Uno 95193

Karanta 92.11064 Stb

Tanagra 00.10144 Vb

Voltaire 95025

Cabriola Z Z-0430-96 Stb

Jemone (SWB) 26077

Landlord 849

Landgraf I 95006

Girane H. 210552870

Jerma 15871

Herkules 504

Jennika 13385

Video & website: Instagram/ekofarmen