07 Jannamie (SWB)


Photo: Jump: Krister Lindh  Portrait: Laila Berglund

Owner: Nils Roos
Breeder: Nils Roos, Stendala, Gislöv 18, Simrishamn

Jannamie is out of one of the most powerful mare lines in Holland; the Dermie mare line, a producer of several approved stallions and horses competing at 1.60 m; Zigali p s, Emir r, Germus r, Mermus r, Odermus r to name a few. The dam Veramie V is a Ster mare (1.35 m, young horse champs 5+6 yrs in Falsterbo). The sire Untouchable (1.60 m Grand Prix with Daniel Deusser), has produced several horses competing at 1.60 m already out of his first foal crops.

Sex Born Reg. Nr. Height Under saddle Subject to VAT
Mare 2014 04-14-2484 159cm Yes No

Untouchable 95399

Hors la Loi II 95 459 343 T Stb.

Papillon Rouge (SF)

Ariane du Plessis II 21108 VRM

Promesse 97.07488 Stb

Heartbreaker 95123

Chablis 210195494

Veramie V 02.07570

Indoctro 95108

Capitol I DE 321210615475

Vanessa VII DE 321210063683

Radermie V 98.01108 Stb

Animo 95031

K. Adermie 33 92.9247 Stb

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