9. CBI Bella Donna


Photo: Jump: Krister Lindh  Portrait: Laila Berglund

Owner: Martin Linell
Breeder: MR Aidan Carroll, Irland

The sire Zapatero has placings in international 1, 60 m under Jessica Kürten and his sire in turn is the great jumper Chin Chin, also with merits in international showjumping. The grand dam Wodiena has produced four offspring in S class where Wodiena II van de Somme and Rogina van de Somme has merits in 1, 60 m.

Sex Born Reg. Nr. Height Under saddle Subject to VAT
Sto 2015 04-15-3147 172cm Ja Ja

Zapatero VDL 04.07440 Stb

Chin Chin 9168

Constant DE321210047072

Larese 210000274

Manieta 94.10905 Stb

Ircolando 90.771 Stb.

Anita 82.3665 Stb

CSF Lulu 372414005160632

Luidam 93.3718 Stb

Guidam 88.8504 Stb.

Eljenohve 86.2705 Stb

Surprise van de Somme W-154626 BWP

Major de la Cour (SF) W-1346- Hgt

Wodiena 80.136 Stb

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