26. Kieffer DHH


Photo: Jump: Krister Lindh  Portrait: Laila Berglund

Owner: Quality Horses i Skåne AB
Breeder: B. och B.C. Dirksen, Nederländerna

The sire Carosso VDL is a stallion with a stellar pedigree. The dam Olympia XI is sister to Chanel (1.60m) by Cassini I. The dam Resia’s siblings are Haros (1.35m), Spoen (1.40cm), Tinia (1.30cm). Resia has produced Harmony DHH (1.30m) and Invite Me DHH, a stallion that went through the performance test.

Sex Born Reg. Nr. Height Under saddle Subject to VAT
Mare 2015 04-15-3326 166cm No Yes

Carosso VDL DE421000209704

Cassini I DE 321 210021688

Capitol I DE 321210615475

Wisma H. DE321210059284

Olympia XI DE321210261499

Linaro 210068189; DVH 728

Wille DE321210064384

Resia 98.03121 Stb

Animo 95031

Alme Z DE 331 310077466; 288 Stb

Irene 3025 Stb

Winia 80.8535 Stb

Joost 32 Stb; 210396868

Sinia 21330 Stb-M

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