33. Margaux


Photo: Jump: Krister Lindh  Portrait: Laila Berglund

Owner: Quality Horses i Skåne AB
Breeder: James Dunne, Irland

The sire A. Umonia 60 has a stellar pedigree featuring many show horses. A.Umonia60 is at stud on Ireland, has shown up to 1.40m. The dam Moon Flyer Cruise produced a filly that with a YR has shown extensively with placing.

Sex Born Reg. Nr. Height Under saddle Subject to VAT
Mare 2015 54-15-1012 165cm Yes Yes

A. Umonia 60 528003 05.06117 Vb

Indoctro 95108

Capitol I DE 321210615475

Vanessa VII H. DE321210063683

V.Umonia 11 02.07433 Stb

Odermus R 1186

R.Umonia 13 98.10056 Stb

Moon Flyer Cruise 372414004204276

Cruising 37052 ISH 372414001779435

Sea Crest 31615 RID

Mullacrew 1589903 ISH

Curranstown Pride 2493541 ISH

Blue Peters Pride 372414002026074 ID

Clone Bank 2112817 ISH

Film & hemsida: Instagram/ekofarmen